Physio Massage

Sunset Massage

what is Physio Massage?

Physio massage is our original specialty massage developed at Ombak House that combines Thai pressure techniques with Chiropractic and Physio adjustments.

The result is a deep massage that focuses on releasing pressure and creating space through your body’s joints and spine. The therapist uses firm hand and foot pressure on your whole body, but no oils or friction. Therefore you can wear any clothes you like for this treatment, its comfortable and non-invasive!

This quick 40 minute massage treatment is the perfect way to reset your body while you’re on holidayespecially if you experience lower back, hip or leg tightness that’s been agitated by a long bus or ferry ride. Relax on the front deck of the Ombak House studio overlooking the ocean and let us loosen your body up.

Seaside Physio Massage

Get a Physio massage to:

  • relieve stress
  • promote sleep
  • relieve joint pain
  • boost circulation

*not recommended for people with recent surgery or injuries

**Try our Hot Stone or Traditional Malay Massage

100 RM – 40 minute Physio Massage

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