About Us

Welcome to Ombak House Tioman!

Our family is dedicated to bringing you unique experiences for your Tioman Island holiday. From Batik Painting to Rock Climbing to Yoga and Movement Arts, we provide lessons that teach you island skills while also enhancing your physical and spiritual growth.

Our Team


Zul has been Tioman’s primary leader of Rock Climbing and Batik Painting for over 10 years. His style is patient and strong, curious and delightful. Zul is Tioman’s only licensed Outdoor Climbing Instructor, as well as a creative artist inspired by the surrounding South China Sea.





Jesse is a yoga guide with 6 different style certifications and a foundation in anatomy & physio. She is a leader in international yoga workshops and retreats, as well as daily lessons at home on Tioman. Her teaching style is flexible and relevant, playful and strong.





Kami is a Canadian yogi recently settled in Singapore. When she’s finished her web work and customer inquiries for Ombak House, she practices Ananda Yoga and studies Reiki. 🙂





Our Island

Pulau Tioman is a small island located 52km off the south eastern coast of Malaysia. We’re only 2° north of the equator, so temperatures average 30-35°C in the air and from 27-29°C in the surrounding South China Sea.

As a protected nature preserve, the island is filled with dense biodiverse rainforest and surrounded by coral reefs.

Our Village

Kampong Juara is the only village on the east side of Tioman, and home to only 300 community residents. You can still see traditional Malay life here, as well as heaps of wildlife due to low human population and traffic.

Juara means “champion” in Malay, and the people here embody that with their nightly sports practices in the middle of the village and their legendary restaurants and hospitality. We are blessed to live here, and look forward to showing you our village and life!


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