Juara Village Guide



coordinates  :  2.795951°N  104.203717°E

country : Malaysia   state : Pahang   

district : Kuala Rompin    island : Tioman

  • Population (2017) • total 327
  • Postal code 26800
  • Phone Int’l Dialling Code +6-0

Juara is a small kampung on the eastern side of Tioman Island in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Once an isolated traditional village, it is now a popular tourist destination for mainland Malaysians and overseas tourists.


“Juara” is Bahasa Melayu meaning “champion”. In old times, the sports teams from this village won many island and state tournaments, until they were named ” Kampung Juara”, meaning “Village of Champions”.

Geography & Climate


The only village located on the east side of Tioman Island. Average air temperatures range 28 and 35 °C (82 and 95 °F). Juara is comprised of two different beaches, Juara Beach at the north and Mentawak Beach to the south. Granite boulders and private property separate the beaches.


Surrounded by the South China Sea. Average water temperatures range 25 and 28 °C (77 and 82 °F). Abundant coral and marine life in the bay. Several natural springs flow from the mountains down through the village and to the sea.


Dry season from April – October

Wet season from November – March

Getting There

For ferry schedules and information on how to get to Tioman Island, visit our Tioman Ferry Schedule and Guide. Information below is for how to get to Juara village from the west side of the island.

Jungle Trek

9km trail that goes over a ~1000m mountain range through the jungle. Trailhead starts at the TNB power station near the mosque in the north end of Tekek village. About 2 hours journey, average difficulty.

4wd Car

Hire a private car to drive the 12km, 25 minute road journey from Tekek to Juara. Average cost is 30 RM / person in a shared car from Tekek jetty.

Getting Around

Juara is 2km from end to end, and easy to walk either beach front or on the one road in the village that runs from the northern end of Juara Beach to the southern end of Mentawak Beach.

Bicycles and kayaks are available for rent locally.

Culture & Events

In traditional times, locals were farmers and fishermen. Since the recent construction of a road from Tekek to Juara in 2008, tourism industry has had a rapid growth. Most residents are Muslim, and able to speak a mix of English, Chinese and Malay languages.

Juara Events and Holidays

  • Tioman SurFestival

Annual surfing competition and festival held every January on Mentawak Beach.

Annual team triathlon race around Tioman Island, held every May.

  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri 

June 4 – 5, 2019. Annual celebration of ending of the fasting month. Walk the village, stopping at each house along the way and tasting traditional Malaysian holiday food.

Tourist Attractions
  • Snorkelling

Explore the area in front of the rocks between Juara and Mentawak Beaches for the most coral and marine life in the bay. Snorkel equipment is available for rent for about 15 RM. Several tour operators offer half and day long boat tours to areas outside Juara Bay.

  • SCUBA Diving

*Amigo Dive Center  – Juara Beach north

*The Barat Beach Resort – Mentawak Beach south

  • Surfing

Smaller waves year round are for beginners. Bigger waves up to 3 meters high come during monsoon season from November to February. Mentawak Beach at the south end usually has the most consistent and clean waves, and is home to the annual Tioman SurFestival.

*Ombak House-Surf camps and lessons 

*Pondok Tioman – Hang out and get a hangover, you’ll be bored staying off your board. 

*Beach Shack Chalets – Surfboard and stand up paddle board rentals and lessons. 

Much of the trekking around Juara requires a local guide. Because the village is so isolated, it is more likely for tourists to get lost while trekking on overgrown or “natural” trails. You can still experience much of Tioman’s flora and fauna from the road or paved trails.

  • Juara-Tekek– 9km trail that goes over a ~1000m mountain range through the jungle. About 2 hours journey, average difficulty, self guided.
  • Juara Waterfall– 5km trail following the river from Mentawak Beach to a series of small waterfalls and pools. About 1.5 hours one way, average difficulty, local guide required.
  • Ali’s Waterfall – short 800m trail off the road to a waterfall and hangout area. 1.5km from Juara on the road to Tekek, average difficulty, self guided or have a car send you to the trailhead.
  • Karang Balau Summit – 2km trail from the north end of Juara to a summit and viewing area overlooking the whole of Juara Bay. About 1 hour one way, moderate difficulty, local guide required.
  • Jungle Tour– find the endemic and rare Rafflesia flower, blooming orchids and animals of the jungle. About 3 hours, easy difficulty, local guide required for jungle trails.
  • Night Safari– walk around the village or through the jungle at sunset to see the nocturnal world wake up. About 1.5 hours, easy difficulty, local guide required for jungle trails.
  • Kayaking

ocean : within the sheltered bay and coves around Juara, best time is when the ocean is flatter from April – September.
mangrove : enter from the river mouths located at the north end of Juara Beach or the south end of Mentawak Beach, plan to go at high tide.

  • Batik Painting

Soyok -traditional silk batik artist offering lessons and gallery sales. 

  • Rock Climbing

Karang Balau – Outdoor granite wall at the north end of Juara Beach with over 15 single pitch, bolted sport climbing routes ranging in difficulty from an AU12-24.
*Ombak House– climbing and abseiling lessons and trips. 
The Barat Beach Resort – manmade 10 meter climbing wall on a beach front tower. 

  • Yoga

*Ombak House -beach front yoga studio offering public lessons and yoga retreat holidays. 

  • Windsurfing

The windsurfing school has permanently closed, however there are several places to rent a board and sail if you are already trained.

  • Traditional Farm

Locally owned organic farms offering tours, produce sales and cooking lessons by appointment.

*Suka Suka Farm -located in the center of the village, with chickens, goats and vegetables.
*Kassim’s Kebun -fruit trees like banana, mango, durian, rambutan, lycee, passion fruit on a farm in the jungle.



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