Yoga Schedule

Public Yoga Lessons

Daily @ 8am and 6pm 

Wear comfortable, moveable clothing and join us on the front deck of the Ombak House studio for a 60 minute yoga lesson overlooking the South China Sea.

Public sessions are suitable for any skill level and any age.

Private Yoga Lessons

Fine tune your practice or start at the beginning with an 80 minute private session.


Yoga Fees



  • a powerful morning practice that offers salutations to the rising sun and builds heat within the body. Start your day with more focus and awareness. 

what is ACROYOGA ?

  • a partner or team practice that combines the solar power and challenge of acrobatics with the lunar healing qualities of Thai massage. You don’t need a partner to join, come learn to fly!

what is YIN YOGA ?

  • slower and gentler than other yoga styles, yin focuses on deep tissue and joint release through opening with time. Move through your joints from toes to neck while learning breath techniques and awareness.

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